Lindsey And Nick's Wedding Day

Lindsey And Nick’s Wedding Day

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Those were the words Lindsey and Nick recited to each other just eighteen months ago. Who knew that the sickness part of their vows would get here so soon.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” thirty-three-year-old Lindsey said. “My husband has a good immune system. He’s mostly healthy.”

But the last week of March, thirty-six-year-old Nick was rushed to Silverton Hospital with severe pain in his abdomen. Two surgeries later, he is now healing from incisions across his mid-section that will eventually leave wicked-cool scars. At least that is how his mother worded it, attempting to lighten the mood in Nick’s hospital room.

“Battle wounds,” Nick said, a weak grin plastered across his face, his finger pointing toward his abdomen.

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Lindsey and Michael (1983)

Lindsey and Michael (1983)

Lindsey was almost three when we brought her little brother home from the hospital. She couldn’t get enough of Michael’s tiny mouth, nose, and ears. Whenever I turned my head, Lindsey poked her fingers in them.



“Be kind, be gentle,” I’d say, reminding her over and over again.

“OK,” she’d say, then quickly poke a finger in his other ear.

Lindsey’s little brother isn’t so little anymore. This month he will celebrate his thirty-first birthday. And although this is a blog about parenting a daughter with special needs, our entire family was affected (in a multitude of positive and not-so-positive ways) by Lindsey’s specialness.

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San Pancho, Mexico

I think I just might be the luckiest girl in the world right now.

This week I’m thankful for (in no particular order):

(1) San Pancho, Mexico

(2) Palm trees

(3) Sunshine

(4) Mexican food, i.e. fresh guacamoleP1160732

(5) Mexican tunes

(6) Good friends

(7) Mexican sunsets

(8) Vibrant house colors of Mexico

(9) Vibrant flower colors of Mexico

(10) Safe travels.

Happy Sunday to all of you.

Ten Things of Thankful
Vincent and Celestial Noot

Vincent and Celestial Noot

I believe in dreams. And so do Vincent and Celestial Noot (pronounced Note).

Vincent grew up in the Netherlands; Celestial in Utah. Vincent had three siblings; Celestial eight.

“It’s not easy to get noticed in a large family,” Celestial said. “Sometimes I felt there wasn’t enough attention to go around.” Celestial often helped her parents by watching the younger children, and although all her siblings seemed to blend together, there were a lot of fun times being part of a big family. “But I didn’t always get to do my own thing,” she added.

In Vincent’s family, individuality was encouraged, and Vincent loved art. As a kid, he spent hours searching the action-filled pages of Where’s Waldo?. He wished there were more of these hardbacks out there. Even as a youngster, Vincent dreamed of creating a search book, with his own drawings, his own characters, his own story.

Vincent’s parents witnessed their son’s talent. When he was old enough to attend a university, they supported his decision to copyright Vincent Nootstudy art in Belgium. There he learned to fine-tune and layer his work and make it pop on the page. After school, he moved back to the Netherlands and met a daycare owner who wanted some unique cartoon characters that captured her vision of caring for young children. The artwork had to stand out and distinguish her business from all the other childcare centers in the vicinity. Vincent created characters that the owner featured on posters, pamphlets, board games, and even her website.

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Nick and Lindsey (2013)

Nick and Lindsey (2013)

Lindsey and Nick offered marriage advice in honor of their first anniversary. It turns out this couple enjoys giving advice. “I think we’re good at it,” Lindsey said. Nick stood by her side, nodding yes. So they’ve agreed to offer words of wisdom from time to time.



Dear Lindsey and Nick:
My spouse likes to gamble, but I don't. We love each other a lot and this is our one problem area. What should we do?
 ~A Gambler's Wife

Lindsey: You could decide to split the gambling money between you, and then each one of you could do what you want with it.

Nick: Just say “No” to gambling. Don’t blow your money on that. Buy dinner or groceries instead.

Lindsey: Don’t gamble if you are going to lose your house or cars.

Nick: Or he could do his own thing and you could do your own thing.

Lindsey: You should go to your room, take a hot bath by yourself, and watch love stories on TV. Love stories on TV always make everything better.

Nick: I’d say, go to the souvenir store instead and spend your money there.

Lindsey: If you have to gamble, don’t over do it.

Nick: And my final advice, don’t buy lottery tickets. You never win.

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If you have a question about life, love, (or even them), please send it to:, Attn: Get advice from Lindsey and Nick. Please specify whether you want your question answered anonymously.

P1160591Fourth grade was the first time my daughter was called the “R” word. Lindsey hated recess. “No one plays with me,” she said. Every time I heard she played alone, my heart broke. One day the principal called to tell me of an incident at morning recess.

“Hey shaky hands,” a girl taunted my daughter. Freckles sprinkled across her nose; she didn’t look like a mean girl. Her friend didn’t look mean either.

“What a retard,” the second girl yelled, joining the first girl’s taunts.

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